Room Planner
Room Planner

Room Planner

Our Room Planner is a useful tool which may help you design your new space. Below are some useful tips on how to use it.
Measure the width, length and height of the room.
Indicate the position of gas, water, air vents and any electrical sockets.
If you have copy of your house plan that contains your kitchen dimensions please bring this with you along with any photos.
If existing kitchen appliances are to be incorporated into your new kitchen, please state their dimensions.
Guideline for your room measurements; Measure the size, location and direction of the opening of all doors. The door frame & architrave must also be included in this measurement.
Please indicate exterior walls on drawing.
Indicate the position of any radiators, meters, boilers etc. and please state dimensions.
Measure the size of all windows and height from the floor to base of window sill.
Your dream space starts here!
bespace room plannerdownload room planner
Your planner will be download to your downloads folder.

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